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Shake it up with Boston On The Rocks!   Learn the art and science of crafting perfect cocktail – with your friends!

Meet Steve George, Founder and CEO

A master bartender with a passion for life and love of the chemistry behind the cocktail, Steve is a natural at creating a memorable experience for whatever gathering you have in mind. 

Take a Class!

Learn a series of cocktail recipes and techniques you'll be excited to show your friends. Join Boston On The Rocks for an introduction and appreciation into mixology. Create classic and craft cocktails, perfect for curious beginners and experienced mixologists alike.

Learn to make amazing cocktails


This was a great experience! The cocktails were delicious, Steven was a ton of fun, and it was a great way to bond with friends. Loved it!

- Audrey

Everyone's Buzzing About Boston On The Rocks!

Thanks for a terrific Valentines evening! The room and setup was perfect, your recipes delicious, and fantastic company! The fact that you had to work to regain our attention tells you how much we enjoyed it. I highly recommend this adventure, and am likely to come back.

-Cory, February 2020

Absolutely perfect experience. Wonderful conversation and company. Awesome cocktails - new things and new knowledge with great taste!

-Leigh, March 2020

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